Location Map

 Concept and design of a site plan for the Interdisciplinary Laboratory Image Knowledge Gestaltung, which was located together with other institutes in the same building. As a result, the Interdisciplinary Laboratory was difficult to identify as a coherent unit. The site plan was intended to help staff and visitors better understand the place and the concept behind it (i.e. nomadic work). 

Elevation a tool to build and work with  your knowledge base

Today, scientists work with a variety of different media formats. Thus, in the course of a research process, a vast collection of different analog and digital sources is created. Especially at the beginning of a research process, which is often characterized by conceptual openness and a lack of structure, the great challenge for researchers is to work out one or more concepts from the collected material.

Elevation is a software concept that supports this initial stage of a research process and provides a useful feature set that gives researchers a better overview of their collected material. And how does that work?